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 Frequently Asked Questions

Insured Assured Secured is proud to help families secure Health Insurance, Life Insurance, Mortgage Protection Insurance, Medicare Plans, as well as Supplemental Coverages. Give us a call and we will help find you the piece of mind you're looking for!

Life Insurance


What if I have a pre-existing condition?



For those that have pre-existing conditions, we know affordable coverage is a concern.  After all, if life insurance is not affordable, it may not be there when your family needs it most.  

Let us have the opportunity to listen to your needs. We want to help! It will not cost you a dime to see if we can help you, but the piece of mind a life insurance policy can offer is priceless!


How Much Life Insurance should I have?


The amount of coverage ideal for each person varies.  In the end, it’s completely up to you!  We are not just here to answer your questions.  We are also here to listen and be mindful of what is most important for you, and your family ! 


Together we can find a plan that has you and your family feeling confident and secure in this important decision.  


Mortgage Protection


What is Mortgage Protection Life Insurance?


If there is a chance that your family may have a difficult time making mortgage payments if something should happen to you, than a Mortgage Protection Life Insurance policy could be a much needed security blanket for them. 


There are options to help prevent unsuspecting families from enduring the loss of a home, after having just lost a loved one.

Is it possible to qualify for Mortgage Protection Life Insurance without a medical exam?


Yes! We can help get you coverage options to make sure that in the event of your death, the remaining mortgage on your home will be covered by the insurance company in your families time of need!


We even have options with no medical exam required!


Supplemental Insurance


What is supplemental Insurance?


Supplemental Insurance provides additional coverage where your existing coverage may be lacking! 


Having Supplemental Insurance in place can help you pay for out of pocket expenses such as deductibles, copayments, coinsurance, and more!


Do I need supplemental Insurance?


If you have ever had out of pocket expenses for your healthcare needs, than you may be interested in Supplemental Insurance options to help bridge the gap.  

Of course, the right potential supplemental plan is dependent on several factors. We can help you get the information you need to make the best decision for you.


Bottom line is, if we cant save you money, no harm in trying!


Medicare Options


Do I still have Medicare if I get an Advantage Plan?


Medicare Advantage could be right for you! You will not lose original Medicare by participating in a Medicare Advantage plan. In fact, many plans offer added benefits like routine dental care, vision, hearing aids, prescription drug coverage, and more!


Call to speak to a licensed Insurance Agent to see if there is a Medicare Advantage Plan that’s right for you!


Do I qualify for financial assistance?


It is possible to qualify for assistance with premiums and even cost sharing in some instances. Determining factors include income requirements, and some individuals can qualify for Medicare as well as Medicaid. 

We are happy to help provide you with the necessary tools and resources, to help you get see if you qualify!

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